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NextJob was founded in 2007 and built by a team of experts in corporate human resources, public unemployment and workforce programs, career assessments, online curriculum design, job board functionality, recruiting, staffing, life coaching, career coaching, mentoring, nonprofit management and social media.
The company provides creative solutions for employers, lenders, state workforce programs, veterans organizations, and schools to deliver state-of-the art reemployment services with an emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness and return on investment.

Explore all the intriguing breakout session options and decide which resonate most with you and the community you serve.   When you register, you will be prompted to choose three sessions you wish to attend.  All sessions offer a wealth of information and insight from experienced leaders and an opportunity to share best practices and lessons learned.




Life after Jobs for Life

Presenters: Bee Gallison and Margaret Jones

For many of our students, particularly those who have not gotten a job during the class, there is so much more that is needed for them to return to healthy lives.   What can organizations do in order to better serve their students as they graduate and prepare to execute their vocational plan?  What types of assistance can they implement to give well-rounded care?

Effective Facilitation

Presenter: John Whisler

John will share his approach to the curriculum, how he prepares for a class, his favorite bits that bring it to life, and supplemental material he uses.  Mostly he looks forward to collaborating with you on questions or struggles you have as a facilitator.


How to start a Jobs for Life Network

Presenter: Jim Dreier

Now more than ever, our communities need Jobs for Life! In much the same way it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a network to impact and heal a community. Starting a JfL network can feel overwhelming and naturally lead to uncertainty about where to even begin.   It requires a mobilized community effort.  How does it happen?  Learn how to equip and empower people to embrace the Jobs for Life vision.  Discover how to implement an effective JfL strategy to begin this important endeavor.  Let’s build a foundation and get started!


JfL for the Homeless

Presenter: Mike Carman

Does your service ministry focus on the displaced?  Do you feel called to help the ever-increasing homeless population become stable and productive members of their communities? Discover how to use Jobs for Life as a primary training tool for those experiencing homelessness and encourage men and women on their journey to wellness, both personally and professionally.

JfL for Prisons

Presenter: Gail Carrington

The overwhelming majority of inmates will return to society, often homeless, penniless and jobless. Jobs for Life provides a unique job readiness training and support strategy that empowers all students to be successful at work and at life. This breakout session will address the possibilities for bringing JfL into America’s prisons and jails, with its potential to transform lives, renewing identity and returning purpose and dignity to those who need it so badly. From 2013 to present,  your facilitator has witnessed the transforming power of Jobs for Life training for the women in prison in Raleigh. Discover how she has taken this holistic approach to learning and helped instill hope and confidence in the lives of incarcerated women as well as enabling them to obtain and sustain honorable work upon their release.

Powered for Life

Presenter: Mr. Anthony Grant Sr.

Let’s talk about where our young people are in the 21st century. Every young person has a dream, but for many, their dreams are dying. Twenty-percent of young people live in poverty. In many neighborhoods, high school dropout rates exceed 50%. Dropouts are 8 times more likely to go to prison than to return to school. Discover how Powered for Life is a powerful tool to lead young people in your community to know who God is, uncover their gifts and talents, live with hope and a sense of purpose, and help them dream for the future.

Jobs for Life for the Community

Presenter: Brad Beatty

Jobs for Life is most effective when it is embedded within a community effort.  In this workshop our presenter will discuss:  how does a ministry accomplish this while staying true to their mission?  How can an organization build relationships with businesses, nonprofits, other churches and local government that helps the students in your classes, why is accomplishing this important not only for the organization but the community  and much more?


Saturday, April 24th, take the opportunity to visit with one or several of our partners to learn how you and your organization can benefit from the services they offer.

Presenter: Mellissa Foster, Church Engagement Director & Director of Marketing

At Better Together we strive to give every person an opportunity to better themselves through the power of work. We train churches to host a better job fair as they build out their workforce ministry. We partner with Jobs for Life to provide the NationWide Day of Second Chances and we culminate the readiness training course with a Better Job Fair.

Presenter: Charlie Bradley,  CEO

The Brian Hamilton Foundation was established with one principle in mind: with the right resources and support, anyone can be a successful entrepreneur. The foundation builds on decades of entrepreneurial experience to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and growing business owners with the information and inspiration they need to successfully start, run, and grow their businesses. 

Presenter: Karen Fairley

Grant writing can seem like an overwhelming concept to consider and a daunting task to complete, but a necessary element for every non-profit organization. Walk with Karen through the basics of getting started in the grant writing process, learn about pitfalls to avoid and steps for success. 

Presenter: Chuck Peterman

We help ministries grow by offering teaching, coaching, and consulting rooted in a biblical approach to fundraising – all at no cost to ministries. We want to see lives transformed for Christ and “the giving of thanks to abound to the glory of God.” (2 Corinthians 4:15) When Christian ministries embrace a biblical approach to fundraising, they engage God’s people more completely and fulfill their God-given missions – and together, givers and ministries are transforming their communities.