Get Equipped

 Our leaders in the field—site leaders, instructors, Champions, and other volunteers —are the experts. These leaders have spent many hours planning, coordinating, and conducting their JfL classes, and have learned so many valuable lessons as they’ve built relationships with students and other members in their community.


As we work to carry out our mission, we want to give these JfL leaders a platform and a voice to share with the rest of the JfL Network —what works, what doesn’t work, best practices, etc.—as together we engage and equip the Local Church to address the impacts of Joblessness through the dignity of work.



Here’s a rundown of the training we use to equip our JfL leaders:

 JfL CORE (Online)

JfL CORE is the training course that equips churches and organizations to start a Jobs for Life (JfL) or Powered for Life (PfL) class in their city. Throughout this training, JfL staff and experienced leaders will walk participants through biblical principles, proven strategies and key logistics that assist team members in preparing men and women for meaningful work. This training course will connect all participants involved through interactive facilitation, group discussions, and exercises.

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 Champions Training (Online)

The Champion Training equips volunteers to serve as friends and encouragers to a student in the Jobs for Life class. The 2-hr session will provide individuals with practical guidelines for working with a student as well as tools that will help ensure the student’s success.

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 Facilitator Training (Online)

The facilitator training is a practical workshop for those who are seeking to be facilitators for a Jobs for Life Class. The 2 ½ hour training features best practices, recommendations, creating captivating sessions, and techniques that keep the students engaged and encourage growth in an atmosphere of respect and accountability. Additionally, the training will address building an atmosphere of trust and authenticity in your class as well as examples for planning your classes and sessions.

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Jfl National Training Team Certification (as necessary)

The JfL National Training Team Certification Program will empower and equip JfL leaders with the tools, resources and hands-on facilitation skills for the purpose of equipping other leaders to share the JfL message, increase the number of new JfL sites going deeper into relationships within a city, and build community around the globe. This elite group of leaders will exemplify Christian character, a heart to serve others, and will serve as an extension of the JfL National Headquarters Staff.


If you would like additional information about training opportunities or coaching, please contact Margaret Jones at