Our Mission and Vision





We believe God created everyone to work. He designed all of us with gifts and talents to subdue and steward the earth through work. We find our purpose, meet our economic needs, and worship God through our work.

However, 6 million people are unemployed, 22 million are underemployed, and 80% of workers are disengaged. There are personal, educational, and systemic barriers that prevent some of our neighbors from working or thriving at their jobs. We believe there are solutions to these problems, and we believe it takes each of us taking part in our own communities..

At JfL, we believe God has called us to love our neighbors through work. By helping people not only find and keep meaningful work but to also thrive in their work, we can help restore work back to God’s original design. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Biblical principles motivate JfL’s vision, mission, values, and practices. We believe in relational community and transformation, and hold firm to the belief that change can truly happen when we all work together.

Established in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1996, JfL addresses the root causes of unemployment, underemployment, and disengagement with work by uniting churches, businesses, and community organizations and facilitating positive transformation within lives and communities.

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Uplifting humanity through the dignity of work—one city, one community, one life at a time.


Creating pathways to meaningful work and entrepreneurial opportunities through community engagement.


All people are flourishing in their work and relationships.