Intro to JfL Webinar: Sep 15th & Oct 20, 2021

Introduction to Jobs for Life is a free one-hour monthly webinar that gives a broad overview of the Jobs for Life life transformation program.  It will look at work post-Covid and will showcase how Jobs for Life can be a resource for healing our nation through work in local communities.  It is the first step for any organization seeking to engage with Jobs for Life or introduce it to potential partners/volunteers.

JfL CORE Virtual Training: Sep 17-18, 2021

JfL CORE, a training event consisting of interactive facilitation, engaging group discussions, and challenging exercises led by JfL staff and experienced leaders, will guide you and your team through the necessary steps to plan, start and sustain a Jobs for Life class at your church or organization and help you prepare men and women for meaningful work in your community.

(JfL CORE Training is required for new sites that have never led a JfL class. At least two individuals from your organization are required to attend if you have never led a JfL class.)

JfL Champion Training: September 28, 2021

Learn everything you need to know about being a Jobs for Life Champion

The Champion Training equips volunteers to serve as friends and encouragers to a student in the Jobs for Life class. The 2-hr session will provide individuals with practical guidelines for working with a student as well as tools that will help ensure the student’s success.

JfL Facilitator Training: October 12, 2021

The facilitator training is a practical workshop for those who are seeking to be facilitators for  a Jobs for Life Class.  The 2 ½ hour training features best practices, recommendations, creating captivating sessions, and techniques that keep the students engaged and encourage growth in an atmosphere of respect and accountability. Additionally, the training will address building an atmosphere of trust and authenticity in your class as well as examples for planning your classes and sessions.