Heart of JfL


Flip the List Video

The Flip the List Video is one of Jobs for Life’s signature marketing pieces. It summarizes why Work is important to God and the dignity of every person. It demonstrates how Jobs for Life uses Work as means to break the cycle of poverty and joblessness. Use this video as a way to market your Jobs for Life ministry to your church and/or community to give a case why others should get involved.

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Joy’s Story

The Joy’s Story-The Lord’s hand is in Everything video is one of Jobs for Life’s most impactful testimonial pieces. It takes the viewer on Joy’s  emotional journey through the Jobs for Life program and highlights the enormous influence Margie Thompson, her Champion, played in Joy’s transformation. Use this video as a way to highlight your Jobs for Life ministry to your church and/or community to provide a compelling example of the divinely inspired outcome generated through the Jobs for Life program.

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JfL Flyer: The Church

One-page flyer with information on how the Church is uniquely positioned to help solve the problem of poverty and joblessness.

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One-page flyer with information on how your community can work together with Jobs for Life to address the problem of poverty and joblessness.

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JfL PowerPoint Presentation (includes notes and customizable slides)

This PowerPoint presentation can be used to present Jobs for Life to churches, organizations, businesses, etc. Includes an overview about Jobs for Life (mission, vision, how it works, etc), discusses the poverty issue, and covers what is taught in the JfL class. There are also customizable slides that can used to add additional details about your site and class, if applicable.

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Preparing for Instruction

Class Evaluation Requirements Overview

A brief overveiw of the 5 required steps for class evaluation and information about class impact reports.

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JfL for Adults Pre-Class Student Survey

Pre-Class Student Assessment for Jobs for Life. Please reserve 5-10 minutes for your students to complete during class. Save for your records to ascertain progression once class is completed.

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Student Progress Report

Form for tracking student attendance, completion of assignments, graduation status, and post-class follow up.

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Student Interview Questionnaire

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Recruiting and Training Team

Jobs for Life Logo

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Recruiting Your Leadership Team Test

Recruiting a strong leadership team is key to implementing an effective job preparedness ministry. Select below to access all the tools you need to recruit solid team members. Included are planning checklist, leadership roles, job descriptions, and marketing tools to kick off your ministry.

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Volunteer Background Form

Information form for all volunteers to complete. Includes general info, educational background, security, employment status and training info.

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Volunteer Contact Form

For site leader to keep track of volunteer info on single page.

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Site Consent Form

Form distributed by site and signed by each student consenting to publication of their story, testimony, and pictures for use in JfL materials.

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Recruiting Students


Student Application

Information form for all students to complete. Includes general info, work status, educational background, security, employment status, and previous work experience.

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Champion Resources


Joy’s Story: The Lord’s Hand is in Everything

Joy came to her end when she learned she could not escape addiction and destructive behavior on her own. Every time she tried to quit she fell deeper. Through Jobs for Life, Joy met Margie, a caring friend who committed to walk alongside her. Through the story of Joseph discussed in class, Joy learned not to compromise and that the Lord’s hand is in all.

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Sample Prayer Log

For logging prayer requests; includes student name, site team member, date of request, and date answered.

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Jobs for Life

Daniel’s Story: Learning the Language of Work

Daniel began seeking employment after losing his job of 17 years. Originally, he did not believe he could learn anything new from the Martha O’Brian Center Jobs for Life class. However, after attending a job interview ill-prepared, Daniel decided to try the JfL class. Since completing the training course Daniel has grown in his presentation skills, confidence, and relationship with God. This is a great testimony video to show participants in the class.

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JfL Graduate Testimonies – Damascus, Annette, Shuntae, and Jill

Four graduates briefly recount their Jobs for Life class experiences and the skills the class gave them to succeed in the workforce.

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JfL for Adults Post-Class Student Survey

Post-Class Student Assessment for Jobs for Life. Please reserve 5-10 minutes for your students to complete during your final class. When completed, scan and email surveys to, noting your site name.

As a reminder, this survey is a part of our newly modified class evaluation requirements for every site. These simplified requirements are designed to be quick and easy to use.

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Connecting to Graduates


Graduate Post Training Follow Up

Sample of a follow up form to keep track of graduate status.

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Graduation Resources


Jfl Graduation Certificate

JfL course certificate of completion; can be personalized for each student and site.

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