Get Involved

Real transformation through JfL cannot be done without a group of people—a community— joining together to help men and women experience the dignity of work.

This community consists of businesses and non-profits, to investors, volunteers, and students. From leading and participating in a JfL class to investing resources and hiring JfL graduates, each level of involvement is crucial in our mission to engage and equip the Local Church to address the impact of joblessness through the dignity of work.

In the middle of the community is the church—the church is the platform and cornerstone of the JfL class. With everyone coming together as a community through the Church, Jobs for Life becomes a platform for building relationships—and this is what changes lives.


Ways To Get Involved:

Church Members:

Church members commit to relational ministry, coming alongside men and women and helping them focus on their identity in God, build character, and create sustainable community. They may volunteer in the class, filling roles such as Instructors, Mentors, and Prayer Leaders. Click to view the different leadership levels.

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Christ-centered ministries and organizations:

Churches and nonprofits use JfL tools and resources to hold job training classes for men and women who are unemployed or underemployed in their communities. They build a leadership team, recruit volunteers and businesses, and engage with students in relational ministry.

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Business leaders use their talents, resources and influence to partner with Jobs for Life. They offer job opportunities to JfL graduates, participate on class panels, share JfL with their networks and invest in deeper ways.



Investors generously give of their resources to help further Jobs for Life’s global mission. They understand the power of focusing on work as a means to end poverty and the importance of building relationships in transformational ministry.

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Jobs for Life students are men and women who are unemployed or underemployed searching for a way to provide for themselves and their families. Through Jobs for Life, churches and organizations help to prepare students to obtain and keep meaningful work, get access to job openings, and provide support and encouragement along the way.

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JfL Staff and Volunteers:

Jobs for Life creates curriculum, tools, and resources to support Jobs for Life leaders and volunteers for the challenging, yet exciting work ahead. Staff and volunteers are believers in Jesus Christ and have a heart to see all people living and working for the glory of God. Contact us if you have any questions about getting involved in this work.