Flip the List

What if the Church flipped the list?


Millions of people in the world today are without work or underemployed. Without meaningful work, there is a loss of purpose and dignity. This creates a vicious cycle of poverty—economically, spiritually, and emotionally.

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For years, the Church has been engaged in the fight to break this cycle of poverty. A majority of the Church’s effort and resources for those in need however, begins with food, housing, and clothing. At the bottom of the list is work.


But without employment, and the means to actually provide for themselves and their families, the cycle continues. So what if we flipped the list and equipped churches to start helping their community find meaningful work? What if we started lending a hand instead of just a handout?

At Jobs for LIfe, we believe the Local Church can break this cycle of joblessness and poverty. Where families are restored and children grow up with hope and a future. Where communities and entire cities are renewed because purpose and dignity have been restored.

Then, not only will we be flipping the way we use our time and resources on behalf of those in need, we will be flipping the way the world views the Church, the work, and the poor. We will become the Church that Christ called us to be (2 Corinthians 5:16-17).