We’ve been working hard to enhance your experience with Jobs for Life

and want to share with you all the benefits of utilizing your Site Leader Portal:

Being a certified site opens up a lot of opportunity and benefits for you! As a valued partner, we want to reward you for your earnest efforts to minister to your community while utilizing the Jobs for Life program to do so. This starts with giving you discounts on training material based on your level of activity and commitment to JfL.  If you are just starting out and are CORE certified (2 CORE trained individual) you can still access the portal and benefit in other ways. The JfL Partnerships chart outlines the requirements and benefits of each certification level and gives sites something to work toward.


Everything you need right at your fingertips consolidated in one convenient location! You can verify/update your site information, register your classes and view your past classes, locate any JfL site across the nation, and even purchase from the JfL store right from your home page.  You will see notifications about any action you need to take to maintain certification compliance, what your current certification status is, and what steps need to be taken to qualify for the next level.  This is just an abbreviated sample of all the resources available to you through your exclusive

Site Leader Portal!

We will highlight your site on the Jobs for Life website indicating your certification status, which can be advantageous to you for recruiting future volunteers and participants, and may enhance community involvement and donation opportunities! Take a look at the sites that have already taken advantage of the early portal access!



We will send you a sticker for you to display at your site. You will also receive a jpg of your site badge to include as email taglines or in any any promotional / marketing material you may create for your site!

Do you have questions or want additional information? 

Please contact Monica at mhays@jobsforlife.org or (919)348-2024 (X)200