Mendi Griner

Board Director

Mendi Griner is from Valdosta, Georgia where she received a bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology and a minor in Spanish from Valdosta State University in 1998.
From an early age until adulthood, Mendi had an active involvement in her family’s business, Insta Lube 10 Minute Oil Change and Lube. Mendi purchased the business in 2012 and became the sole owner and operator up until the sale of the business in 2022. In addition to owning and operating the company, she taught Spanish at a local middle and upper school in Valdosta. Both of these occupations gave her the blessing of mentoring young people from many different backgrounds on the value of hard work and being the very best you can be, no matter the circumstances. Following thesale of Insta Lube, Mendi purchased an existing transportation company and created JTTW Trucking where she currently serves as the managing and operating partner.
JTTW Trucking operates out of Orlando, Florida as an independent contractor for FedEx Ground Transportation. It was during this transition that Mendi became actively involved in the Faith Driven Entrepreneur program where she has been involved in two 8 week studies and is helping coordinate monthly gatherings for local business people wanting to glorify God through their businesses. Mendi and her husband, Clay, have been married for 25 years and enjoy working together to donate their time by coaching businesses in trouble, putting into practice what they have learned in running businesses and managing employees over the years.
They currently live in Valdosta, Georgia with their 17 year old son, Thomas. They also have twin daughters, Mary Claire and Ellie, who are 19 and attend college at Samford University and Lipscomb University, respectively.

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