Pastor Beverly Jenkins

Board Director 


Beverly is a Pastor with an instinct for business organization and strategy. She is masterful at developing creative and innovative pathways toward goals. As an “outside-the-box” thinker, she is a true visionary who does her best work identifying ways to empower and invest in people. Always ready to challenge the status quo, she is quick to question why something “can’t” be done. Obstacles are simply bridgeways to either a new path or a lesson in how to power through.

As the cofounder of Refuge & Restoration Church, as well as the R&R Nonprofit. She leads the church in organizational structure, operations, strategic planning for leadership, and the commissioning of volunteer and paid staff. Currently, in their nonprofit, she serves as CEO and gives oversight to the execution of the R&R Marketplace Project’s vision; a multifaceted development located in Dellwood, MO. Her experience includes workforce development, hiring and staffing, entrepreneurial expansion, capacity building within the nonprofit sector, fundraising, grass-roots organizing, as well as organizational governance and administration.

Beverly was ordained into ministry alongside her husband in 2001. She is also the co-founder of BIMR (Building Intimacy Marriage Retreats) a ministry focused on preparing engaged couples for marriage, marriage counseling, and marriage enrichment tools to couples at any stage in marriage. Beverly, along with her husband, have been on-air radio show hosts & Podcasters for their show, Real Marriage Real Talk, which can be heard across the globe on iHeartRadio, as well as the iDisciple platform.

Beverly is a native of Poplar Bluff, MO and now resides in Florissant, MO. She is a proud wife to the amazing Pastor Ken Jenkins and a doting mother of four beautiful children, three boys and one girl as well as a grandmother of three of the smartest grandchildren in the world. She holds a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and Management from Regent University with a “concentration” in Entrepreneurship. Beverly is a relentless believer in Jesus Christ and recognizes authenticity & transparency are uncompromisable in order to be effective.




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