Site Leadership Descriptions

Every successful Jobs for Life site will include the following key leadership support functions in its leadership team:

Site Leader: Develops, encourages, and motivates a leadership team and a Jobs for Life training culture that promotes and builds relationships and a community among course participants that inspires, guides and equips the unemployed and underemployed to find and keep meaningful jobs.

Champion Team Leader: Recruits, trains, directs and encourages a team of Champions (mentors); reviews student progress reports and coordinates post graduation Champion/Graduate support.

Business Relations Leader: Recruits local business partners who agree to communicate job openings with Jobs for Life site and who are willing to interview and hire qualified Jobs for Life graduates; assists with inviting local business and community representatives to participate in job related class presentations (i.e. Employer Roundtables, mock interviews, community resources, etc.).

Student Relations Leader: Recruits and screens the unemployed and underemployed who desire to improve their work situation. Reviews student progress; leads class orientation, organizes class graduation and post-graduation follow-up activities.

Course Instructor(s): Teach and facilitate the Jobs for Life Curriculum in a caring, creative approach to set the stage for learning and to create an atmosphere for student interaction and participation; consistently role models what is expected of students; works with small Group Discussion Lead­ers and Champions to ensure that students are learning and applying JfL principles; helps every student move closer to JfL Graduation.

Prayer Team Leader: Coordinates a prayer team committed to pray generally and specifically for all components and people involved with JfL training. Collects and distributes all specific prayer requests and needs from course members on a timely bases.