Margaret Jones, Interim CEO

There is something special about the start of a New Year. It is like the turning of the fall leaves, or the first bud of flowers signaling the spring season. It brings the start of new things. This is the same for JfL in 2024.

As we embark on our 28th year, we, like the flowers, are budding as we expand our ability to equip more churches, non-profits, and faith-based community networks to transform more lives and communities. We will in 2024 be expanding to include the following:

  • Our Certification Process (CORE Training) will now include an “On Demand” version. (The current virtual “in-person” and live “in-person” options will still be available to new sites and networks)
  • Our “Adult Jobs for Life” curriculum will be accessible online in a Champion-led model available to all our Certified Sites and Network Partners
  • Our “Jobs for Life for Business” model and curriculum will launch
  • Our partnership model has expanded to include Local, Regional, and Network Partnerships with dedicated Training and Ministry Care Consultants

Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you, O Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the LORD will be with you.” 2 Chr 20:17

At the cusp of the New Year, 2 Chr 20:17 was the verse that the Lord impressed upon my heart. Accepting to serve JfL in this role is indeed a position that seems daunting, however, this promise that God gave to Jehoshaphat is appropriate to remember as JfL faces new challenges and opportunities in 2024. The Lord is with us!

As I take up this position, I am inviting our legacy and new JfL family to join us by becoming JfL Transformers as monthly partners. The “I AM A JfL Transformer” is part of our 2024 Capital Giving Campaign –“WORK AS A VEHICLE TO LIFE TRANSFORMATION”— to expand and continue the work for the next 28 years. More on the campaign will be forthcoming!!

Thank you for being partners in the journey in 2024 and beyond!


In His Service